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Hintergrundwissen zu Sanskrit:

  • Sanskrit documents list: learning tools - Sanskrit can be called as a "language of consciousness", may be because it opens the door to India's rich spiritual literature. Sanskrit is not restricted to spirituality & religion, however, but also encompasses a vast literature of many genres; and


Philosophisches, Vedanta u.s.w.:

  • Chinmaya Mission - Mission Statement: To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become a positive contributor to the society.
  • Self-Knowledge - A blog about nondualism advaita as unfolded by Vedanta/ the Upanishads, which is Self-Knowledge Atma-Bodha, as a means to Moksha/ deliverance. Asato ma Sat Gamaya; Tamaso ma Jyotir Gamaya; Mrtyor ma Amrtam Gamaya. May we be led from what is apparent to wh

Wenn du gerne ein kostenloses Ebook und Tipps per Mail mit vielen Tricks und Techniken zur Alltagsbewältigung, eben Yoga im Alltag, erhalten möchtest, dann trage dich in diesen Verteiler ein.

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